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Welcome to Mighty Tidy!


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Mighty Tidy is a small organizing and de-cluttering service.  We provide very personal service in your home.  We strive to find economical and logical ways for you to reinvent and enjoy your home.  



Why hire someone when I can do it myself?

I hear this all the time:  "I'm organized, I don't need anyone to help me out." or "I'm too embarrassed, I don't want you to come over until I get things a bit more cleaned up."  I laugh when I hear this, because isn't that the point?  Often people feel like it's their responsiblity to get organized on their own or they feel like a failure because they can't do it themselves. The truth is that sometimes you just need a little nudge.  It's like going to the gym for the first time.  It's overwhelming to walk in and not know what to do with any of those machines.  This is why gyms often provides you with a trainer for the first visit or two. You get some advice and education on how to exercise in the proper way.  Organizing is the same.  Sometimes it takes a little direction and nudging to get you started.  


For those of you who are already very organized, do you have that secret closet or room that no one is allowed to see because you just haven’t been able to get to it?  Well, Mighty Tidy can help you too!  Whether it is a small area or a large-scale project, having someone to work with makes the process of cleaning up so much easier. An objective, outside eye is always good when you are sorting through your closet or keepsakes. You might think you need to save something, but once you talk about why you are keeping it, you often realize that it’s just taking up valuable real estate in your closet, drawer or garage. 


If you live in a messy space, by all means, don't clean up before I come!  It helps me see what your thought process is (or isn't!). We can get a better idea of what we need to change and how we can change it.  I really enjoy seeing a client's home for the first time because I know behind the piles and clutter that there is a beautiful space waiting to be found. The messier your space, the more accomplished you will feel once you get that space in order.  


When you are considering hiring an organizer to help you out with a project, remember that you are inviting that person into your home.  You should feel comfortable and never feel that you are being judged.  I am confident that you will be comfortable with Mighty Tidy.  My goal is to come in and help you build a more relaxing, usable and functional space that you can truly enjoy.  



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