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What can Mighty Tidy do?


Mighty Tidy is a personal organizing service, but we do more than help you straigten out your closets.  We take a thoughtful, economic approach to creating a more efficient and clutter-free home.  If something is out of place, we can put it back; or if something doesn't have a home, we can find it one.  If there is anytime when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by your enviornment, let us help. We can talk you through the process and help guide you down the path of a more peaceful home.  Here are some of the services we provide:



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Cleaning, Sorting & Managing Messy Areas
Organizing Solutions

I like to work one-on-one with my clients to help clear out clutter and organize any space that is presenting a problem. I can help organize that messy desk or the junk drawer.  Your kids' legos out of control?  Not a problem I have a solution for that too! 

This is the heart of what I do.  Most of us have too much stuff and it tends to get out of hand.  When we start leaving things on the countertops or floors instead of putting it away, it turns into a messy room very quickly.  Kids are the same way.  If a room is unkept they have no reason to clean it up.  When a room is tidy, we are more likely to keep it that way.  Its easier to keep a room clean then it is to clean a messy one.  I can help you get your rooms into shape so that it's a breeze to maintain order on a regular basis. 

Clutter Control
Retraining Habits

Bad habits are hard to change.  It takes time and effort to make changes but starting with a clean slate can help. I can help you start the process by giving you advice as to how to keep your problem zones in check. I will evalutate your daily routines and help you tweek them so you don't fall into the same bad old habits after I leave. 


When physical "stuff" starts to take over your home, it creates stress. It might not be something that you realize as you start to not see the "stuff" surrounding you;  but, crowded countertops and messy cabinets often result in lost items. Having a clear work space and organized systems can bring peace and time back into your day.  Physical clutter is the same as mental clutter, it clouds our thoughts. Clearing some of that away will bring time and peace back into your life. I can help you find a home for that clutter and help you find the space you need to operate more efficiently.  


Moving to a smaller house? Have a parent or grandparent who is transitioning to an apartment, condo or assisted living?  Let Mighty Tidy help you make that transition.  It is often much more efficient to have an outside opinion on what should stay and what should go.  It is hard to part with items that have been in your home for years. I get that!  Let me help you through the process one item at a time.

Construction & Remodeling Strategies

Remodeling and new construction are exciting and fun, but filled with a plethora of decisions.  Mighty Tidy can help with some of those decisions. Deciding how cabinets should be divided, spaced and located are some of the services we provide.  We can also lend a hand in helping figure out how all of your current belongings will fit into your new surroundings in the most logical way. You want the inside of your cabinets to look as nice as the outside does, right?  It's so important that your new space will function in the most efficient way possible. 

Moving Assistance

Moving can be a stressful time.  There is always so much to do and typically not enough time to get it all done. I can help you lighten your load.  I will help sort, purge and pack your items.  Efficient moving tools will make the packing process stress-free.  Once your belongings are all packed up, I will also unpack and put away your items.  Mighty Tidy will help you with as much or as little as needed, but its always good to have an extra set of hands when it comes to packing.  We can also help if you are relocating.  Just imagine your house being unpacked and put away before you step foot inside!

Reconfiguring Spaces

Sometimes a room can function much better with a litte adjustment. A fresh perspective on a room can make all the difference.  We can provide tips and advice for re-arranging what you have to create something that works in a much better way.  

Selling & Donating
Hobby & Collection Management

During an organization project, there are always items that you find that you don't want or need anymore.  We can help with making those decisions and then assisting with dropping them off at a donation center for you or provide you selling advice and assistance. 

Craft rooms, art supplies, sewing notions, scrapbooking papers can quickly get messy.  Finding new storage solutions can keep your craft space looking great and give you more freedom to enjoy your artistic side rather than looking for lost materials.  Collections can also pose a challenge.  We can provide solutions as to how to best display them so that you can get full enjoyment out of your pieces.

Estate Disposition

When a loved one passes on, it's often difficult to sort through their belongings.  We can assist with sorting, donating and disposing of unwanted property.  We will also help pack up the items to be saved and prepare them for relocation to their new home.