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A little story about my closet...

Well, I'm organized, or maybe I have a case of OCD. I do things like arrange my clothes by color and type and I, of course, like all of the hangers to be of the same type and in the same direction. I even sort my husbands clothes too (he loves that...).

It drives me crazy when he leaves empty hangers on the rod, he knows there is a basket in the closet just for those little suckers. I think that he does it on purpose. Leaves them there to spite me or something.

I like my special occassion shoes in clear boxes at the top of my closet and my sneakers in an easy to reach bin on the floor. My everyday shoes get sorted into a hanging shoe caddy. My purses hang from hooks on the wall, but I have run out of space so that will be an up and coming project. My shelves contain my shorts and sweaters, off season at the top and in season on the bottom with an extra bin on top for the stuff that doesn't fit. It is labeled with Winter on one side and summer on the other and I turn it around as each season comes and goes. I like things nice and neat and I like helping other people do the same. I love nothing more than a messy closet or stuffed drawer that I can spend the day making better. Its a sickness I guess, but a fun one. That's why I started this blog. I hope it helps someone out there and I hope you can laugh with me as I laugh at myself. I know its not for everyone but there is nothing better than everything in its own special place.


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