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About me

About Me


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    Hello! I am Amy Miller.  At home, I am a mother of two active boys, a wife, and a home manager. Before I had children, I worked as a retail manager, an office manager and a project manager for numerous years.  I took time off to raise my family and have thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to be at home with them for all of these years.


     Against my will, they are growing quickly and becoming much more independent. Not that I have found myself to have more time on my hands, but I have realized that I needed something else, something for myself.  I didn't start out looking for something to fill my days but, while my kids were out I spent much of my day organizing my home.  It's the one constant thing I have always loved to do!  There is nothing more fun to me than sorting and finding new homes for things.  At some point, I started to do this at my friends' homes as well. I began handing out advice and helping my friends clean up their spaces.  Sometimes it was how to re-arrange their kids' legos and other times it was helping them get their tupperwear under control.  This is when I decided I should introduce my skills to other people who might find themselves a bit stressed out by the fact that they have piles of clutter surrounding them.  I found that helping others clear their clutter brings me a great deal of happiness.  I am having fun and helping people, a great combination. 


     I do love all things tidy.  Yet, I have to admit, like everyone else, I am not perfect.  My desk is not always cleared, my laundry is not always done, my kids' room are not always clean but, having organized systems in place lends itself to an easy clean up every few days. A clutter-free home brings peace and serenity. I love knowing that my clients get the same great feeling I do once their closet is cleaned or their kid's toys are somewhere besides the floor.  I truly love helping people get tidy!  Sometimes it not all about orgainzing.  Maybe you just need help cleaning up a bit.  Either way, it brings me joy and I hope I can bring you some of that too.  Please peek around my site and visit me on Instagram and Pinterest.  I hope it will bring some inspiration to your home.  If that is not enough, send me an email or give me a call.  Together, we can bring some tidy to your world!